Kilimanjaro Journeys is a locally owned Trekking company found in 2017 by a number of experienced Kilimanjaro Professional Guides with the aim of creating the best trekking expeditions that will lead you to a lifetime Journey of adventure:

We understand that what makes a journey really special is different for every one of us. But whatever it takes, whether you are seven or seventy, we would love to help you create your own life time sense of adventure.

Of course, taking on a challenging adventure should not mean compromising your safety and you are always in safe hands with Kilimanjaro Journeys. We are experts at high altitude trekking, know all the areas in which we operate intimately, and know-how to ensure you enjoy your adventure safely as we are a group of experienced Guides knowing the best gear and the best operating procedures for your Journey with us.

And regardless of whether your adventure would take you to climb Kilimanjaro, hike Mount Meru or go on safari to witness the spectacular wildebeest migration, our team is always there to ensure you have the journey of a lifetime.

  • Kilimanjaro Journeys team is the most exprienced and friendly team I ever meet. I will join again and again!

    Federico PifarettiMountain Guide

  • Kilimanjaro Journeys always has something new that will surprises you with every day. You will surely enjoy it.

    TalithaSatisfied Customer


Climbing Kilimanjaro

We are a fully licensed and insured, locally owned business with years of experience and expertise offering Kilimanjaro climbs to fit your time, interests and budget. Not only is it more cost effective for you to book with a local tour operator you are also supporting the local economy and the local Kilimanjaro Journeys Team.

  • kilimanjaro with Kids

    Enjoy a week with the whole family with our simple easy treks thought for kids.

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  • Kilimanjaro with Birds & Mammals

    Make new friends while treking, the mountains are full of tiny friendly animals.

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  • Kilimanjaro with Age

    Kilimanjaro is for everybody from kids to the old, we offer special packages based on age.

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  • 2017


    Team foundation

    Kilimanjaro Journey's Team was found during number of trekking interactions with guides, cooks and porters which led to a fully focused team ready to serve you for you journey to Kilimanjaro.

  • 24 hrs


    Online presence

    Kilimanjaro Journeys is fully online 24 hours to make sure you well informed on every detail concerning your trekking and we there for you before the trek, on the trek & after the trek.