Discover typicals and basic foods on the kilimanjaro cooked by local people.


All our food are bio and they are picked fresh from the nature.


All food provided are fresh and delicious for your taste.

  • Packed Lunch

    a boiled egg, cooked chicken, a couple of samosas, a slice of cheese, a wedge of banana, loaf an apple, a banana, a small yoghurt, and a juicebox

  • Hot Lunch

    Spaghetti,Pasta, Soup/stew ,Plantains, Potatoes, Rice, Vegetable, Fruits, Meat.

Like most other operators, we provide two kinds of lunches on our Kilimanjaro climbs, depending on the day. Specifically, lunch on the first day is a packed lunch. This is done so that you can sit and enjoy your food when you arrive at the gate of Kilimanjaro National Park. Meanwhile, your mountain crew deals with the necessary paperwork and prepares everything for porterage.

On most days, however, you can expect a hot lunch. This is managed by having the porters and cooks' hike on ahead of you (yes, they're crazy fit!) to set things up at the designated lunch stop. That way you arrive, drop into place, and are served a revitalizing meal!

  • Dinner

    Spaghetti, Pasta Soup/stew Plantains Potatoes Rice Vegetable Popcorn Fruits Meat Bread Peanuts

Dinner is always a hearty, cooked affair. Every dinner is different, but there's always plenty of it, and it's always nutritious and aims to fill up the tank. One night there might be spaghetti with a tasty topping of chicken and vegetables. Another night might see juicy beef, potatoes, boiled eggs, and spinach-stuffed avocados. And yet another might see you presented with stew, chips, veggies and a fresh avocado slice.

  • Morning coffee

    Cup ot coffee or Tea served on the tent of cabin before breakfast

  • Breakfast

    porridge (oats or millet) a cooked meal (like eggs, sausages and pancakes), toast, cereal, yoghurt, milk, fresh fruit

You can also, of course, expect hot drinks like tea, coffee and hot chocolate to be in plentiful supply.

  • Snacks

    Salt kicks like trail mix, sev and nuts, mini pretzels or salted nuts Chocolate (candy) bars like Mars, Snickers and Bar One Sugary sweets like mints, energy sweets, hard sweets, gummy bears or wine gums Dried fruits like raisins and dried mango Jerky (biltong) and pepperoni sticks Snack bars like protein, granola or energy bars Hardy biscuits (cookies)

If you're planning to bring bitty snacks, like individually wrapped sweets, you might like to place the snacks for each day in a separate little baggie to make things simpler for you the trail and ensure you don't run out. Just a thought. (And also, please note that Tanzania doesn't permit single-use plastic carrier bags to be brought into the country. But resealable, reusable bags like Ziploc bags are allowed.) Electrolyte sachets could be also added to water in the evening to help you recover from the day's trek.


Our natural methods

Meals offered are fresh and are provided by experience based on each day scheduled on your trek not only by experience but are food suited for altitude gaining as scheduled on your kilimanjaro trekking program.